Grassroots advocacy is pivotal in building and maintaining the kind of power that can ensure the survival and success of health centers and the access to quality health care that all Georgians need. Advocacy is one of GPCA’s core functions.

To prioritize the health center agenda for policymakers, we must build powerful relationships and empower community health center (CHC) staff, patients, primary care association staff, and community stakeholders to advocate and show passion by connecting our day-to-day experiences. We are also committed to building a culture of advocacy at health centers and project a single powerful voice – “The Wheel that Squeaks gets the Grease.” We have to be the squeakiest wheel. Only by having a lot of us show up and make noise at the grassroots level can we have the power to get our elected officials’ attention.

To succeed in any political environment, we must commit to act.

Health Center Advocacy Network

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