Multicultural-doctors-team-conferencing-in-video-call-chatHealth Information Technology (HIT) is an important component of a health center’s operations. It can be critical tool for helping health care providers provide high quality care that is safe, effective, timely, patient-entered, efficient, and equitable. At GPCA we work to find tools, services, and resources that can help health centers in the selection, implementation, and meaningful use of the broad array of health information technologies.

Our Health Information Technology assistance includes providing training and technical assistance for EMRs, hosting EMR user group meetings/trainings, and partnering with leading technology vendors to make equipment and services more available.  And GPCA’s assistance goes beyond solely the technology and works to support the operational integration including coding/billing and quality improvement services.

Furthermore, our information technology and services support assist our member organizations through training opportunities, providing IT department reviews and oversight, assisting with developing reasonable and effective system policies and procedures, and hosting training opportunities.  We provide alerts, trainings and dashboards on data sources, remote patient monitoring (RPM) services, telehealth, IT security and much more. News