Updated Guidance for Staffing Resource Requests

Please submit all resource requests for Staffing Support through your EMA into WebEOC. As a reminder, if you are in need of immediate staffing assistance, first utilize your local staffing agencies, resources, volunteers, and partnerships with schools. Please understand that staffing resources are limited and request fulfillment cannot be guaranteed.

If you are in need of critical staffing, please include in your resource request the following information:

1. Title the resource request “Staffing support”
2. Type of facility (hospital, skilled nursing, assisted living)
3. Name of contact person at the facility who understands the request with a verified telephone number and e-mail
4. Date staffing is requested and length of time the assistance is needed.
5. Total number of positive COVID cases of patients/residents
6. Total number of staff that are confirmed COVID positive
7. Total number of staff leave callouts due to COVID concerns
8. Describe the type of assistance needed including any specific requests.

Once the resource request is submitted in WebEOC, it will be assigned to ESF8 and someone will contact you to discuss the request for clarity and planning.

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