Update to Grant Application and Waiver Procedures

All applicants under HRSA’s competitive funding opportunities are instructed to follow the process for submitting applications, including requesting waivers, as indicated in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and accompanying SF-424 Application Guide (
SF 424 Guide).  HRSA’s Office of Federal Assistance Management, Division of Grants Policy (DGP) recently clarified the following grant application and deadline waiver request procedures:

  • As stated in the FOA and SF-424 Guide, only DGP can research grantee waiver requests and make waiver determinations. HRSA staff should not contact Grants.gov or the BPHC Helpline on behalf of their grantees or indicate that applications will be accepted after the published deadline. 

If you are contacted by an applicant (including a current grantee):

  • For Grants.gov application issues, immediately refer the applicant to the Grants.gov Helpdesk at 800-518-4726 or support@grants.gov. The applicant will receive a case number, which will allow DGP to research the issue if a waiver is later requested.

  • For EHB application issues, immediately refer the applicant to the BPHC Helpline at 877-974-2742 or bphchelpline@hrsa.gov.  The BPHC Helpline will also assign a case number for later reference. 

  • If a deadline is missed, a waiver request must be made by the applicant to DGPWaivers@hrsa.gov within 5 calendar days of the deadline to be considered.

For additional information, staff should refer to GPOM-2013-01: Waiver Requests for Deadline Extensions to Competitive Funding Opportunities. Please note that the GPOM is an internal reference document only and should not be shared with applicants/grantees.

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