UDS 2017 Reports Are Due by February 15

All HRSA-supported health centers are required to submit complete and accurate UDS reports by February 15. Upon successful submission, your UDS report will be assigned to a UDS Reviewer who will work with you to finalize your data submission through March. You may not make changes to UDS reports after March 31. It is important that UDS reports are submitted on time and that the data is verifiably accurate.

Health centers that entered UDS data into the Performance Data Collection Environment (PDCE) should select “publish” to transfer data into the live UDS reporting site. Data from the PDCE will be automatically transferred to the live reporting environment on Tuesday, February 13, at 8:00 p.m. EST; this process will be completed by 11:59 p.m. EST. As the due date to submit your UDS Report is fast approaching, please work directly in the live UDS Reporting Site.

HHS Region VII is currently leading in UDS report submissions, with 72% of their health centers having UDS report submissions in progress. Overall, 523 health centers have not yet started their UDS report. Remember: the deadline is February 15, so start your UDS report today!

Refer to the 2017 UDS Manual and other resources to help you complete an accurate report. The Manual includes an introduction to the UDS, instructions for completing each table, and information on how to submit your report.


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