PCMH Learning Community


PCMH Learning Communities

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Learning Community is a quality initiative of GAPHC’s Clinical Quality Program. The PCMH Learning Community is composed of teams from each of Georgia’s health centers working toward medical home recognition. The objectives of GAPHC PCMH Learning Community is to provide a platform for collaboration and sharing between health centers, technical assistance and in-person training sessions to implement PCMH principles, provide current and innovative subject matter expertise, establish periods of peer-to-peer activity and implementation, and most importantly, promote sustainability of lessons learned long after project completion. The ultimate outcomes include transformation of health centers into PCMH, with participating Health Centers positioned to PCMH recognition (by JC, NCQA or AAA). GAPHC PCMH activities and resources are open to Health Center Teams enrolled in the PCMH Learning Community.

GAPHC’s Quality Approach

  • Clinical assessment, gap analysis, and work plan development training for Health Center’s PCMH readiness and capability
  • Project management, workflow analysis and redesign for PCMH transformation and sustainability 
  • Ongoing technical assistance to support the implementation of PCMH work plans
  • Measures and data to support national PCMH metrics
  • In-person training: Learning Sessions are full-day trainings (at locations to be determined) spread over 18 months with topics to be determined based on assessment, work plan results and gap analysis
  • Virtual training: Fourteen 90-minute webinars spread over 14 months covering PCMH standards, implementation and documentation required
  • Customized technical assistance: Team calls based on topics identified from team reports and data summaries.

The GAPHC / HIT team has made numerous presentations at national events and via web for organizations such as the National Association for Community Health Centers (NACHC) and HRSA.  The team has also made presentations to other regional organizations across the country such as Primary Care Associations (PCA) and Health Center Control Networks (HCCN).  The team provides leadership to multiple vendor user groups.  The team will host the eClinicalWorks Steering Committee Meeting and will present on collaboration between PCAs and HCCNs at the NACHC Policies and Issues (P&I) meeting to be held in Washington, DC in March.

Team Resources

GAPHC PCMH Teams’ Work-Space
The Work-Space is a place where the teams can access Learning Session presentations and tools, share their PCMH tools and expertise, post stories on “Faces of Medical Home Transformation”, share policies and processes related to PCMH and quality and review aggregate reports on national PCMH metrics – to identify where they are and need to go. To join go to: https://sites.google.com/site/gaphcpcmh/

GAPHC PCMH Teams’ Listserv
This allows teams to share lessons learned, ask questions and connect with their peers. To post to this group, send email to gaphc-pcmh-teams@googlegroups.com and request membership.