Clinical Quality Program


Clinical Quality Program

GAPHC’s Clinical Quality program serves as a resource for the development of clinical and quality programs for Georgia’s federally qualified community health centers (FQHC). The role of the Clinical Program is to identify, develop and implement quality initiatives that provide training and technical assistance to our members. GAPHC develops and implements programs and training that assists Georgia FQHCs in clinical activities to assure they are providing high quality patient care. GAPHC’s goal is to engage FQHCs in appropriate monitoring, improving outcomes, utilization and risk management, reporting, compliance and accreditation/ recognition for all patients served by FQHCs.  The Clinical Quality Program provides training sessions and conferences, on-site technical assistance, educational programs, evidence-based practice, coaching and mentoring on a variety of clinical and quality initiatives.

The primary goal of the Clinical Quality Program is to support FQHCs in developing an Integrated Quality Program. The Integrated approach unites all clinical measures (UDS, HDC, Health Plan Grant, etc.) into a single, focused organizational Quality Improvement (QI) program.  The focus is evidence-based clinical care using a population-based approach that supports integrated delivery, reporting and Quality Initiatives for the organization. This integrated approach replaces the “silo” approach of past QA/QI programs and successfully support external evaluations including accreditation/ recognition and HRSA site reviews.


Goals of the Clinical Quality Program are to support integrated clinical quality improvement efforts in FQHCs, facilitate strategic partnerships for clinical quality improvement resource development, develop and implement training programs to support quality and risk management through the Clinical Leadership Network, to strengthen clinical support and resource systems through the Clinician’s Network, identify and share Best Practices and develop mentoring programs to support new programs and/or new staff, provide programmatic continuity for sites during staff transition, provide programmatic support for new starts and assist sites in implementing a quality and risk management program into daily operations.

Quality Initiatives

Utilizing models from HRSA-BPHC’s Health Disparities Collaboratives, GAPHC sponsors Quality Initiatives including areas of high volume, high risk and/ or problem-prone for Georgia’s FQHCs.  The Planned Care Model is a population-based model incorporating evidence-based medicine to develop and sustain system changes. The Improvement Model is a quality methodology for small-scale, rapid-cycle improvements.

Patient Centered Medical Home

GAPHC is committed to assisting Georgia’s FQHCs in transforming the delivery of primary care by following the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) principles and guidelines to increase quality, improve health outcomes and manage costs. The principles of PCMH involve the adaptation of a team approach to primary care, aim for systems change by implementing the Care Model and the integration of the Improvement Model for quality methodology.  FQHCs develop efficient, safe methods for health care delivery with comprehensive care coordination and managing preventative and chronic diseases using evidence based guidelines. The implementation of an effective quality program and infrastructure and leveraging technology to identify, track and manage in individual patients and populations.

Networks and PCCN

The Clinical Leadership Network (CLN) is a mentoring-network for GAPHC members’ staff who are responsible for clinical services, leadership/management responsibilities for clinical staff (like Director of Nursing), Quality Management and /or Risk Management for the FQHC.  The CLN is open to non-providers in leadership positions at the FQHC and does not replace the Primary Care Clinicians Network (PCCN).

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Quality Manuals & Webinars

Available for purchase, the GAPHC Quality Manuals and Webinars provide templates and resources for developing and implementing an integrated quality program that meets HRSA program requirements and accreditation/ certification agencies. Click here for more information, to order manuals and register for webinars.