HRSA gives grantees second opportunity to reduce patient target with proportionately small reductions in funding

In 2014, BPHC announced that for all FY2015-2017 Service Area Competitions, applicants would be expected to propose to serve a targeted number of patients.  The “patient target” for each service area was calculated as the total number of patients that the existing health center had committed to serve in its previously-funded applications.  SAC applicants who thought that the target was too high could propose a lower number of patients, in exchange for a small decrease in funding.  Specifically, health centers could propose to serve up to 25% fewer patients for a 2% cut in funding.

BPHC is now starting a new three-year SAC cycle (for all FY18-20 competitions) and has extended the same rules about patient targets to this cycle.  This will give all existing grantees a second opportunity to reduce their patient targets by up to 25% in exchange for a 2% funding reduction.  See here or contact Colleen Meiman at for more information.

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