Community Healthcare Systems Offer Pro Bono Sports Physicals

Community Healthcare Systems, Inc. is hosting middle school and high school sports physicals free of charge throughout the months of March, April and May. Clinic scheduling is a joint effort between Community Health Care Systems and each school’s Athletic Director. CHCS brings our own clinical staff and medical equipment while the School District manages student scheduling and offers building space so that students do not have to leave school to participate.

The Georgia High School Association requires annual sports physicals for every student who participates in athletics. Sports Physicals require a student to be seen by a licensed medical provider. Typically, sports physicals at a regular doctor’s office can cost a family anywhere from 60-100 dollars per child.

Participation in athletics is important for students’ physical and emotional health. Students who participate in athletics are less likely to develop vision problems, are able to maintain a healthy weight, develop motor and fine motor skills, build self-confidence, learn social skills and develop a positive support network of peers. In addition, athletes perform better than peers in academics through improved improve cognitive skills and enhanced memory.

For additional questions, contact Camesha Grant (, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist.