Battelle Decontamination Services for N95 Masks

SIGN UP TODAY to use the FREE Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System for N95 masks.

Georgia facilities have already signed up to use the free Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System, a self-contained device that uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate N95 masks. The only cost for entities to use Battelle is shipping the masks to and from the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency where the system is located.


1. Battelle has a regional team to work with healthcare professionals, e.g., hospitals, LTCF, first responders, etc. to help them with the correct storage, packaging, shipping, etc.
       a. Please review the Emergency Use Authorization to see which entities are included in the federal contract.

2. The agreement is between the facilities and Battelle. Due to the federal contracted awarded to Battelle, the only cost to the facility is shipping.

3. Under the current FDA EUA, they can only clean N95s. They are testing cleaning other PPE.
       a. The FDA EUA is for N95 respirators. It covers any N95s (healthcare and industrial) that are not cellulose based. Respirators must be certified by NIOSH as an N95. If NIOSH hasn’t certified it, Battelle does not recommend decontamination via their process.


Step 1: Enroll:

•  The Facility/system needs to enroll in the decontamination cleaning program.  To do so, please click the following link:

•  Once you have submitted your information, you will receive an email providing you with the next steps and documents to review.

Step 2: List of Facilities:

•  Read the information and send a list of participating facilities to the contact provided in the email. 

•  DO NOT fill out the sample agreement.  It is only for review.

•  You will then provided a contract for your facility/system (4-5 pages in length) and site codes that MUST be written on each mask.

Step 3: Save your masks:

•  Please use the attached guidance for how to label and store masks.

       o  Masks should be labeled per the attached guidance and be free of any visual contaminants, e.g., fluids, makeup, or other contaminants.

       o  Masks need to be stored and prepared for shipment in the following manner:

                   – Label per the attached guidance (individuals should label their own masks), to include name and site code

                   – Place masks in biohazard bags (multiple masks in each bag)

                   – Place the biohazard bag in a secondary bag (does not have to be a biohazard bag) and decontaminate it with a sanitizer wipe

                   – Placed bags in a cardboard box for shipping (125-150 masks per box)

                   – Label the box with a biohazard sticker (you must use the sticker)

Step 4: Shipment:

•  The facility is responsible for the shipment.

•  You may use your preferred Biohazard shippers (the vendor must be able to ship biohazard material).  Battelle does have a contract with Cardinal.

Step 5: Cleaning and Return:

•  All masks must be free of debris.  If they are not, they will be disposed of by the decontamination team.

•  Masks are cleaned and returned to the facility according to the site codes on the masks. At this point, they are no longer a biohazard and can be safely shipped.

•  The System Team’s goal is to return all masks within 72 hours.  However, it may take a bit longer, depending on their workload.

For additional information, Battelle has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that is updated regularly:

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